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Why Is It Important To Groom My Dog?

While grooming your dog helps increase his appearance, you should know that grooming also increases the chances of your pet remaining as healthy as possible as well grooming can help you to provide protection against parasites like ticks and fleas while also helping to maintain healthy skin. Finding why it is important to provide regular grooming for your pet is essential.
dog taking a shower and showing the importance of frequent grooming


Learning More About Your Dog’s Care

Most average pet owners are aware of the protection they should provide against ticks and fleas. However, doing so in the most effective manner is important. Some dogs are allergic to flea bites and can experience great hair loss. Other dogs have sensitive skin that needs to be cared for in a gentle fashion. Talking to your vet about your dog’s individual skin condition is important. Finding out about your dog’s special skin care need before choosing a groomer can ensure the best care for your pet.


Not Too Much But Not Too Little

Paying special attention to the number of times you bathe your dog can help you to avoid drying out his skin. However, bathing your pet too little can promote oily skin conditions that can lead to issues like fungal infections. Most breeds require bathing once a week for optimum coat maintenance.


Daily Home Care

Daily brushing can do wonders for improving your dog’s coat. Daily brushing helps to disperse the natural oils produced in the cell structure of your dog’s skin. This is especially true for breeds that have long hair. Brushing long-haired breeds daily helps to prevent the formation of mats. Matted fur can cause skin issues, sometimes leading to scratching and infectious open wounds.


Nail Trimming

Making sure your dog’s ears are kept clean helps to lower the chances of issues like a yeast infection and mite infestations. Untreated ear infections can lead to hearing loss. Learn more about grooming and your dog’s ears from your veterinarian. Make sure to also keep your dog’s nails trimmed, especially if your pet stays inside more so than out. Outdoor dogs keep their nails worn down by digging and walking on rougher terrain.
But take care, if you don’t know how to properly trim your dog nails you can hurt him. In that case book a time with Alpha Grooming Pet Salon LLC.


The Importance Of Healthy Teeth

The most competitive and healthy grooming includes tooth care. Dogs that have their teeth cleaned regularly have lower risk of conditions that are related to infected teeth. Visit our package page to see each one include the teeth brushing.


Specialized Cuts

Smaller breeds usually require specialized grooming care, especially those breeds that require particular haircuts for maintaining breed specifications. Breeds like Poodles and Lhasa Apsos require cuts that specific for their body stature and hair type. Some breeds require feet that trimmed, a specialized skill that would require a professional and experienced groomer.



Taking time to brush and inspect your dog’s coat on a regular basis can also help you find skin issues like tumors and cysts before they get to an advanced state. In many cases of canine skin cancer, early detection can ensure cures and extended periods of remission. The life of your pet depends on you providing the best care, including daily grooming and skin care.

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