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Why Mobile Grooming is the Best Option?

Your dog or cat is part of your family. They invest just as much energy into you as you would into them. However, like all family members, your dog and cat also needs pampering needs. And, while you may offer some basics such as a bath, you know you are not qualified to offer things such as clipping nails or trimming hair.

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Pet Shop Grooming vs Mobile Grooming


Regular Pet Shop Grooming

One of the biggest drawbacks to having your pet’s needs attended is taking them to a regular Pet Shop grooming parlor. Chances are that there is no parlor within walking distance of your home and most of the time a trip to a grooming parlor would require you to drive to the location. Not only do you have to take extra time to ensure your animal is safely in the car, but if you are working, you have to ensure you schedule this occasion in the diary. After all, you know it will be at least a half day process.

Outside of travel, a regular Pet Shop grooming has many more customers outside of your dog or cat. With the excitement of going to have a haircut, together with the travel to a new venue, a pet can react to the smallest of things. While your dog and cat may have the best behavior, you cannot be guaranteed that other pets are going to act in the same manner. Of course, this experience can damper the whole experience which could make your dog and animal a little more cautious next time you take them for this grooming session.

While you may have the option to leave your beloved family member at the parlor so you can continue with other chores, you will need to return to pick him/her up. Sometimes, traffic does not work in your favor and you end up stressing about whether you will be there to pick them up on time.

Mobile Grooming

Now you are asking: Why choose mobile grooming?
The best aspect about a Mobile Grooming is that they come to you!

Alpha Grooming Mobile Van parked in front of your house


  • You don’t have to travel to a venue or put your dog (or cat) through the stresses of travel.
  • You don’t have to prepare yourself for an encounter with another pet.
  • You don’t have to stress about whether you will pick them up on time.
  • All your pet’s grooming needs are taken care of right outside your front door. This makes the whole experience pleasant for everyone.
  • You don’t have to book a day away from work or get out of your schedule to groom your pet.
  • Cage-free environment
  • Exclusive service (one pet at the time)

This is just a few bullets, but the truth is that a mobile grooming service is the best option for all your pet’s needs.It is easy on them, it is easy on you and your dog or cat can soon look like a super star which is important for all those family photos.  =)

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  1. Caleb says:

    Mobile pet grooming is such a great idea! Thanks for this post.